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Purple and Brown is a short on Nickelodeon Network. The series is animated using “Claymation”: stopmotion with clay. Its storylines are usually random and are composed for the purpose of amusement. It is popular in the UK and has recently become more so in the United States and the Netherlands. Purple and Brown is about two buddies made out of clay. The dynamic duo has a trademark giggle which is the hallmark of the show. In one short, it is suggested that each of them are married. Purple and Brown is a creation of Aardman Studios, who are more widely known for animating Wallace and Gromit.

Claymation is an incredible form of animation that transcends the boundaries of stilted expressions and odd walks. Whether you grew up with Wallace and Gromit, the mad, Wensleydale cheese-loving inventor and his canine companion, or you’re more used to recent attempts like Creature Comforts, it’s hard not to find the animation style endearing. The fluidity of their actions and the characterful nature of their faces make for fantastic television.

Aardman Studios are fantastic creators of animation, and could really pull off any situation, character or environment with appealing pseudo-realism. So when Purple and Brown popped up, it was met with excitement by fans of Aardman’s earlier work.